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About Us
Lucida: Latin for "birght star" or "to shine". Our goal is to illuminate the world by taking on complex design challenges.

In so doing we will be enabled to fund social responsibility initiatives locally and abroad with focus on art and technical education. We believe as a core value to give back to the community and world.

Lucida Dynamics specializes in mechanical design, industrial machine design and product development. We have experience working with a broad range of industries from large automotive manufacturing companies to small fab shops in need of jigs and fixtures for short run production. We have a heavy focus on mig and resistance welding fixtures; both manual and automated. All design done using SolidWorks Professional; 2016 on available. In house white light scanning/cmm probing done on a Kreon Ace using PolyWorks 2016.
Solving complex problems in a 3D environment is not easy but is always fun; If it was easy everyone would be doing it. ~-Douglas Houdeshell - Founder
Prototyping and Build Service available. With our expertise rooted in mechanical design and 3D Printing we partner with experts in fabrication. We manage the build using our outsource partners’ expertise to ensure the highest quality results. We can deliver anything from large scale 3D prints to complex machined parts. Capabilities include laser scanning, CMM probing, 3d Printing, Large format 3d Printing, Laser Cutting, Waterjet, Wire EDM, Press Brakes, Turret Punches, Welding, Precision CNC Machining, Powder Coating, and more.

Social Responsibility

- By partnering with us not only are you assured that your project, design, or 3D Printed Parts will be a success you will also have a chance to impact the world. A portion of all proceeds will be used to support charitable organizations that have a focus on technical education, 3d Printing and the intersection of art and technology. Currently we are partnered with Asia’s Hope and CBus Libraries. We plan to add additional charitable partners as we develop
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